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The Bible vs. The Qur'an

For the Qur'an to Be True, The Bible MUST Be True; it even Declares it.

The Qur'an supports and declares faith in much of the bible. The Qur'an therefore, is built upon the bible which was written over 2000 years before, by Jews in the Hebrew language. So, for the Quran to be true, the bible must be true, as it declares. The Quran, again, written 2000 years mol. after the O.T.,and 5-600 years after the N.T., declares: Adam to be the first prophet; belief in the writings of Abraham; belief in the Tawrat (Torah; The Law) written by Moses, a Jew; belief in the Psalms as written mostly by King David, a Jew; And, the Jewish gospels (written in Aramaic and Greek) of Jesus, a Jew; and several dozens of others, all Jews. How is it then, that the Muslims hate Jews and do not follow these same books and serve the same God, Yehvah?  Because the Qur'an corrupts those very writings that it say's were divinely inspired by God, by changing them to suite Muhammad's agenda and hatred for the Jews. Hijacking and falsifying the truth, much as the Romans did in 300 A.D., both waging war on unbelievers, the opposite of the teachings of Elohym (Yehvah and Yehshua), who taught to love, forgive and pray for your enemies.

But Muslims Claim, that The Bible Was Corrupted

Muslims are told that the original bible texts were corrupted or altered over time by the Jews and Christians and then were replaced by God's final and perfect revelation, the Qur'an. So, what are we to conclude? That the original were given to the Jews in the Jewish language for all mankind to follow, or given to another people, in another language, for all mankind to follow, 2000 years later? What language then were the original written? Was not Moses a Jew, writing in the Hebrew language? If that's not true, why is there not an account of this anywhere, as to what people and language (if not Hebrew) God revealed the truth? Not even in the Qur'an is this made known. Mohammad would have read the bible 2000 years after it was written, long after, as is claimed, it had been corrupted. So how would he know? Oh yea, God told him. If that were true, if hate of others and love for yourself only was true, why is there NO writings to corroborate that claim. You would THINK, that if God was re-revealing truth to an alledged prophet (Mohammad), that He would have mentioned this corruption that took place by this people, the Jews having corrupted the very word of God. Through all the prophets, Yehvah God would always mention the wrongs and corruption of the people, especially the Jews. It was the reason for sending each prophet, to elluminate their sin and call them back to His ways. Yet this alleged atrocity was never mentioned. And why is God's (Allah's) name Ye'hvah, never mentioned in the Qu'ran, as it was in the Torah, which man has corrupted out of the bible. It doesn't make sense! 

Which brings up another point. Why would a people alter the bible depicting them as being perpetually out of the will of God, portraying themselves as ungodly? If the Jewish people were going to alter the scriptures, don't you THINK that they would have been kinder to themselves; exalting themselves in behaviour? The same can be said for the New Testament (alleged corrupted) writings. The bible is very harsh on the Jews, and on Christians, throughout, chastising them for their disobedience, leading to curse after curse. I can't imagine that any person or people would do so, and hold those documents as sacred, even the prophecy that the Jew's would one day cease to be God's chosen, salvation and fellowship with God to be extended again, to all mankind, not the Jew alone. Bizarre! It would be more likely that this Muslim declared corrupted version, was written by Muslims, rather than Jews. Hum! Now, that makes sense!   

If the "correct" inspired word of God was given in another language, to another people, why is there no account of it? For that matter, whether written originally in Hebrew or another language, where is an account of this alleged "correct" version?  There are thousands of copies of the Muslim alleged corrupted version, but NOT ONE copy of the correct version dating prior to 600ad? God did not cause at least one copy in the original language to remain for mankind, yet came to Mohammad and declared only parts of it? Huh? This great book that was so necessary to declare to His people, He would not then re-declare it in it's entirety? Again, why is there NO copies of the "uncorrupted" version, NOT ONE? Perhaps, because it's not true. It just doesn't make sense!

If the bible was given by God to the Jews, it gives greater credibility that they are true. First, God chose them as the people in which to declare Himself and truth. The Arabs should be no more offended by that than I am, a gentile as well. Second, the Jews would be highly unlikely to change words that they believed were given them by God, which would surely bring a curse. And third, corrupted intentions of humans, Jew or otherwise, would be to minimize, or even eliminate, the telling of their short comings; rather would exaggerate, or even lie about, their behaviours and accomplishments as being grand; perfect in the eyes of God. Now that makes sense! 

If The Bible is True, then the Qur'an, Can Not Be True

Simply, the Qur'an conflicts with the bible, therefore, it cannot be true. First, it is important to understand, that no one can be certain that any historical event occurred as told or documented that they were not a witness to; nor can they prove it to anyone else, even if they were there. We can only attempt to prove the probability that the event occurred as told. Therefore, when qualifying historical documents, we (our scientist and academic scholars world wide) are seeking a preponderance of evidence that leads us to a degree of probability that the account is likely genuine and truthful as told.

Humans use basically two methods to determine the probability that any historical event took place as it is recounted in old and ancient documents. These methods being; Science and Logic / Reasoning (See: "Is The Bible True"). Briefly, the scientific methods used to corroborate the documents themselves, to determine if they are likely of the period they claim is; radiocarbon dating, ink analysis, multi-spectral imaging, contextual evidence and paleography. The methods of logic, both inductive and deductive reasoning, are; Judicial Inquiry: the examination of evidences according to "rules of evidence", which in themselves have numerous means of scrutiny such as; 1)Proper Repository; that the documents were found where such documents would likely be found; 2) Valid Testimonies: that any suggestion that the integrity of the documents account or a persons testimony is false or has been altered must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, discredited by the accuser; it is otherwise received as truth (remember, nothing in the bible has ever been proved false); 3) Witness Ability: The ability and opportunity of the witnesses to have observed, understand and comprehend what they claim; 4) Number and Consistency: The more documents and witness accounts that tell relatively of the same event with little deviation, lends more credibility to the account, ie; 10 documents of one account, would be believed as truth over 2 of a different version; 5) Closest to Event: Documents that date closest to the time of the events told are given more credibility, ie; the bible written over 3500 years ago has far more credibility than the Qur'an written just 1500 years ago. Next, Common Reasoning: Thinking based on factual information (not feelings, theory, conjecture or here-say) that form the grounds, foundation or cause of an intellectual conclusion or determination, such as; Does it make intellectual sense, that the men that wrote the scriptures, would portray themselves, perpetually, in such a bad light; or would men create a religion that would cause them ridicule and persecution unto death, a mere 40 days after running and hiding, continuing even after the chief lier had been killed. No, a person may be tortured and die for the truth, but not a lie. It is not likely that numerous men would develop this hoax, and not one of them would have leaked the truth to someone in three years; and it is unlikely that they would publish a lie at a time and place where others, that would know that it wasn't true, would be able to refute it.

These are just a few of the intellectual determinations and conclusions that can be drawn that give validity to the assertion that the original scriptures are in fact the greatest truth known to mankind. The result of the application of these methods and more is, that the bible (according to the copies of the original in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek) is what it claims to be, the one and only, unchangeable, inspired Word of Ye'hvah God. It is the single most historically authenticated documents, depicting historical events, than any other dating beyond a thousand years, bar none. Not everything in the bible has been proven true, however, nothing has ever been proved false; and more and more is being proven true, year after year.

Note: The later commentary was taken from a thorough study on "Scientific Probability".

And one stark difference between the two versions; Ye' tells us, in Matthew 5:43-44 that, "You have heard it said, that you should love your neighbors, and hate your enemies. But I say to you, LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despite-fully use and persecute you; so that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: because it is He that makes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust. For if you love them which love you, what reward have you? Do not even the (corrupt) politicians / tax collectors do the same? And if you greet (with courtesy) your brethren (fellow Christians) only, is that more than the others (non-Christians) do? Do not even the corrupt politicians / tax collectors so do? Be you therefore perfect (mature), just as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." 

I've never seen where genuine (not Roman Catholic soldiers claiming to be) Christians have expanded by force, terrorized, bombed, mamed, decapitated or murdered anyone, ever. Big difference; the teaching of love, or the teaching of hate. It sounds to me like the choice between Ye'hvah God  and Satan, the evil (harmful) one; you choose. Joshua 24: 14-15.

Also notice, that the one true God has a name and is referred to as Ye'hvah, which means "I am eternal"; always was, always will be; and not merely the generic term god: allah in Arabic; ellah in Hebrew. Is there anyone that you are intimately connected to that you don't know their name?

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Just A Thought: Ask Confucius, Mohammed, Buddha & Jesus

If we could approach Confucius and ask if he could "save" us (provide our spirits everlasting life), he would tell us that he is a philosopher, not a savior. If we could ask Mohammad if he is a savior, he would say that he is a prophet, not a redeemer. If we were to ask Buddha the same, he would say "No, save your self by attaining that spiritual state called Nirvana, where you lose all consciousness of self." Right. There is no deliverance in those "men". Ask anything "in their name", and get nothing!

But, if you were to ask Jesus, he would, no doubt, say yes (John 3:15, 16; 6:2-58). Jesus Christ (The anointed one) is preeminent because He is not just a philosopher and prophet, but The Savior. That's His name; HB.: Yehshua;  Yeh (God's name) shua (saves, delivers)(John 14:6-14; 15:1-12). (Natural) Life from nothing (but a thought) began through and for Him (Genesis 1:26; John 1:1-5), and (spiritual) life from the dead began through and for Him as well.

Confucius, Mohammad and Buddha are interesting, and very diverse in their teachings by the way, leaving truth a guess; but Jesus is forever. The choice is yours. Follow men, or Ye'hvah God, reconciled to covenant with God through Jesus's sacrifice. Credit: Christian Action News