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Mark DaSilva
Minister of God's Word (Acts 6:4)

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Evolution; Really ?

Theory: An idea, a mere hypothesis, conjecture, or guess, unproven.

The "theory" of evolution is now being taught around the world as scientific fact, law; exclusive of any other theories, or facts. And, not only as fact, but as the leading fact declaring that no-thing was created by design, that every-thing occurred by chance, that life occurred by chance. It proposes that mankind evolved from a monkey, which had subsequently evolved from some lower biological life form, that by chance, formed randomly in a liquid substance, such as pond scum; from a substance that was not life.

This "theory", not fact, spawns far more questions than answers. For instance, there are numerous different species of monkey's that all have DNA. Which one did we evolve from? And why then are there still monkey's? Did the monkey come straight from pond scum, or was there first another creature, or numerous different creatures that all evolved into the monkey; and what were they? Where did the non-life form in the scummy mass come from that became life? For that matter, where did the pond come from? And two genders? What's the odds of that? One creature would be a billion to one chance, but two creatures, similar yet so different, both physically dependant on the other for the continuance of their species?

Remember, theory by definition is unproven; NOT FACT. For over 150 years scientists have tried to prove Darwin's theory as fact, and cannot; that's a FACT. Not only have these theory's not been proven as fact, as you've been led to believe, but they have been proved conclusively false, by scientific LAW; FACTS. But these theory's were proposed less as an attempt to prove the "origin of life", but more as an attempt to refute the Bibles account. To deny the existence of a supreme creator; Ye'hvah God; in order to maintain independence and unaccountability; to be like God (Is. 14:13-14), they made up something not understandable to explain what they could not understand. FACT is, there has been no evidence ever found to suggest that one species has ever become another species. There is evidence of "adaptability", where a species has developed different physical characteristics, adapting to changes in it's environment; but it is the same species.

We evolved from monkey's?
The so-called scientific claim is that chimps are most like humans, and therefore we must have once been them. But scientific researchers at a company called Perlegen Sciences used a powerful computer chip to scan the entire genetic makeup of an organism, that is, it's whole genome. The results published in an issue of "Genome Research" showed that chimps are much more different than scientists had previously thought. "This study provides a valuable starting point from which to improve our understanding of what makes human beings unique." said David Cox, Perlegen's chief scientific officer. According to scientific findings, recently published in the journals of "Science and Nature",
there are more than 40,000,000 differences between monkey DNA and that of humans. That's 40 MILLION! There are also differences between various groups of humans. Are there similarities? Of course there are. There are similarities in all DNA. Human DNA has similarities to plant DNA. We could just as likely suggest that we evolved from trees. That brings a few people to mind; but I digress.

Since the study of DNA, or genomes, is exhaustive, there is no longer an excuse for anyone to be deceived into believing in evolution. Let's cut to a definitive conclusion; genetic codes, DNA, is the premier scientific evidence of creation; and ALL living things contain DNA. Competent scientists say that a DNA code has a "structural" identity; a written language; letters, words, sentences and paragraphs that are constructed to convey information of what a living thing is to be; it's characteristics (Journal of Theoretical Biology; Origins.org).
They go on to say, that in the case of written languages that, "we have uniform experience that they have an Intelligent Cause". Therefore, DNA and the data therein is of an "intelligent design". They examined the two forms of the scientific law of, "Law of Order", that operate in the natural universe; known as "natural" and "unnatural": which establishes that all things in this universe are created by one or the other. The first, the result of something of a "natural order", such as, a natural rock formation, a snow flake, ripples of sand on a beach, etc.; and that of an "unnatural order", such as, Mount Rushmore, an automobile, or a language. DNA code is a language. It is of an "unnatural order". It is at the core of life, and therefore, the origin of life has an "intelligent cause". DNA cannot begin on it's own. It's components must be assembled in such an orderly way so as to provide accurate information. For this to have occurred naturally once, is mathematically impossible; yet it would have had to occur in mass production, each creation containing billions of cells, with each containing billions of DNA, each containing billions of letters arranged in perfect order; and two genders. Only life, can produce life. Life, talking, reasoning and genders eliminates the possibility that we began as any-thing other than a living creature already possessing those characteristics; and we are the only such creature in this universe, and always will be.

In Darwin's day, the view through primitive microscopes, the cell appeared as a single blob of protoplasm. But now, 150+ years later, the view has changed dramatically and science has discovered a virtual universe inside the cell. Unbelievers are trying to apply 19th century thinking to a 21st century reality. Not only is the theory of evolution not probable, but it is impossible, en-light of the FACTS revealed by genuine Science; Scientific Law, not theory!
Imagine these occurring naturally out of randomly scattered components, which is what evolutionist's want us to believe;  a constructed house, machine or engine. These items have only hundreds or thousands of components; not nearly billions, arranged in perfect order. How about a smaller amount? Our alphabet for instance; only 26 letters. Imagine if you took those 26 letters, like those we have to teach our children with, and we were to randomly scatter them about anywhere where they would not be influenced by people, but only nature. How long do you believe it would take for those 26 pieces, by natural circumstances; wind, rain, flooding, lightning, earthquakes, etc., to become arranged in perfect order, a-z? How about the pieces of a rubber band powered balsa wood airplane; remember those? They have only about 6-8 pieces. How long would it take for those pieces to come together in perfect order for that plane to fly, as designed? You and I both know the answer; NEVER! Yet that's what they want us to believe. That it happened with not dozens, or hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of components, but with billions upon billions; AND not just once, but billions upon billions of times, in perfect order. PERPOSTEROUS!!! Don't be intimidated just because they claim to be scientists or teachers; they're mostly nice folks, with an evil (harmful) agenda.

      Reference: (Mk. 8:15; Col. 2:8; 2Tm. 3:13; Rom. 16: 17-18; Eph. 4:14; 1Jn. 4:1) 

       Charles Spurgeon: "...scientists may boldly assert what they cannot prove, and may demand a faith far more credulous than any we possess"

       Romans 1:20; "For the unseen things of Ye'hvah God, from the creation of the universe, are clearly evident, being revealed by the things that are made (sensed), even revealing His eternal power and authority, so that mankind is without excuse not to believe".

Ye'shua Shalom