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Mark DaSilva
Minister of God's Word (Acts 6:4)

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Lesson Two 

DISCERNING TRUTH : By Applying the Seven Principles of Proper Interpretation

Chapter One

"In The Beginning" ________________________________________________________

Eloyhym's Purpose for Mankind
In order to understand Eloyhyms plan and our purpose, we must start at the beginning; chapters 1-4. All scripture beyond the first four chapters, must be interpreted with the first four chapters in mind; God's original intent. It changes not.

For Us To Enjoy, All To God's Glory

In the beginning, Genesis 1: 26-28 (properly translated); Eloyhym (Gods: Ye'hovah and Ye'shua (Jn 1:1-3)) created mankind: "And Eloyhym said, "Let us make humans (adam) in our image, after our likeness (exactly like us: not physically, but living spirits; 2:7), and give them dominion (authority) ... over all the earth... So Eloyhym created humans in their image, ... both male and female they created them. And Eloyhym blessed them, and Eloyhym said to them, be fruitful (sow and reap, produce), multiply (increase), refill the earth and subdue (control) it, and have dominion over all things on earth (paraphrase)."


Provision: Health and Wealth

2:8-12; "And Ye' Gods planted a garden in Eden; and there they put the male whom they had formed. And out of the ground made Ye' Gods to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food ... And a river went out of Eden to water the garden ... the whole land of Havilah where there was gold. And the gold of that land was good ..."

In chapter 2 it describes two types of trees; "the tree of life ... and the tree of knowledge of good and evil (harm). These were not real trees, but mataphores.

Breaking Covenant


we know fron ch. 4 that many humans were created

All of God's promises are offered in the form of covenants

The Law

God's Guide to Prosperity

God created all things, to work in "proper" order. From the universe to humans, all things were designed to work correctly, in proper order, for perfect results, as He desired. "The Law" was established by God and conveyed to us for us to know right from wrong; so that we might "do" right. Righteousness (right doing; speaking and acting) and unrighteousness (speaking and acting wrong) have consequences. Blessings and cursings are the results, the eventual consequences, of walking in or out of The .

"The Blessing" of Yehvah manifest's in health, wealth and protection; The Curse, the opposite.          

Many of the world pastors are teaching the abolisment of the law, but that is false. The Blessing is under the law. The curse is outside the law. The Law is God's guide to prosperity

The Law vs Principles

Universal Law and Order

The entire universe is the manifestation of The Law.

love fulfills all The Law

Law was Designed to Manifest Love through Righteousness unto Prosperity: The Blessing of yehvah.The  

God is law and order           
God's Power of Creation

God created all things by thought.                 

The Authority of Man; God's Gift of Free Will

And God (Eloyhym; Gods) said, "Let us make man (adam; humans) in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion (authority, rule, control) over... all the earth (and everything on it.)"

 It is taught in the world churches that God is in charge; but that is false. It was made clear in the book of Genesis, by Eloyhym (Yehvah and Yehshua; Jn. 1:3), that we were given authority and control over all things on the earth, a mere 26 verses in. Teaching falsely that God is in charge has fulfilled the demonic purpose of developing a dormant, passive church body. Subject to every curse; poverty and lack, sickness and disease, vunerable to harm of themselves and loved ones.

 Ask what ever you will

Blessings and Cursings

"I Put Before You Blessings and Cursings...  You Choose..."

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