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Mark DaSilva
Minister of God's Word (Acts 6:4)

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Synopsis of Faith
God's Plan, Our Purpose
To Love; By Glorifying God and Blessing One Another through Obedience to His

  I reccommend reading bold print first, slowly, to get the context of the statement, then study each refference   using "The Seven Principles to Properly Interpret Scripture". revealed at "In Pursuit of the Truth Only" section.  

In The Beginning
Elohym (God's: Yehvah (God) and Yehshua (Jesus); Jn. 1:2,3; ...by the power vested in the Holy Spirit; Gen. 1:2) Created human beings (Adom: humans; both male and female; Gen. 1:26, 27; 4:14 that everyone?,17 his wife?) exactly like them; living spirits (Gen. 2:7; breath; neshamah; spirit), to fellowship with, within a covenant relationship. They created all things and gave them authority over all (Gen. 1:26), to live a blessed life (Paradise: lacking nothing; Gen. 1:28-30), prosperous in all ways, for the glorification of Elohym. To this end, the covenant condition to receive this life, to the glory of God, was obedience to God and His ways (Eph. 2:10; Deut. 11:26-28; Mt. 5:16). But humans failed to meet those conditions and fell from grace (Gen.3:17-19), surrendering their authority to Lucifer (Satan: opposer, adversary, obstacle, accuser), revealing and entering into the curse (sa'tan: toil (Gen. 3:17); difficulties (Gen. 3:18); and spiritual death (Gen. 2:17).

Broke Covenant
Humans were separated from Yehvah (The one true eternal deity, always was and always will be, Divine God (el; almighty) because of this disobedience, sin (Is. 59:2), unrighteousness (1Jn. 5:17), which is the breaking of the law (1Jn. 3:4), and therefore, must be reconciled to Yehvah to be able, once again, to fellowship with Him, now, and for eternity (Jn.3:11-16). He made that reconciliation possible, by coming in the flesh of a man, through His son Yehshua (Jesus; Yeh saves / delivers) and rendering payment for our sins, by His shed blood (Hb. 9:22), and providing resurrection of our souls to eternal life through the crucifixion unto death (Col. 2:14) and resurrection from the dead (1Cor. 15:12-22; Eph. 2:13, 16, 18), which redeems us from the consequences of having broken God's Law (Deut. 11:26-28; Gal. 3:13) , redeeming us from the curse (Gal. 3:13; Deut. 28:15-47) , regaining the authority He first gave us (Gen. 3:15) , as we live in His Name (Jn. 14:13; 16:23; Mk. 11:22-24)

It Is Finished
(Messiah; anointed one) work was complete and sufficient (Jn.19:30) , requiring no works by man (Eph. 2:8,9), to the glory (credit) of God, but by genuine faith alone (pisteuo; to trust in, rely on, adhere to, become one with); which results in confession (Mt. 10:32,33; Rom. 10:10; 1Jn. 1:9 (confess: homologio;logio= word, homo=in alignment; to be so sorrowful that one profess that they have acted in disobedience to God's Word and that they agree to align their behaviour with His Word), repentance (2 Cor. 7:9,10; Mk. 1:4,15; Lk. 13:3; to turn from one course to the opposite; desiring to no longer speak and act against God's Word (bible: gospel, scripture), which is exactly what it claims to be; the inspired Words of Yehvah (2Tm.3:16), creator of all things (Col. 1:15-23), and forgiveness (Mt. 6:14,15; 18:21-35; Mk. 11:25,26; Lk. 6:37), unto obedience (Eph. 4:14 - 5:20), unto salvation (Gal. 3:13; deliverance from all spiritual and natural consequences of sin; Gal 5:19-21; Rom 8:1-16; 1Jn 3: 1-10)

Your Righteousness Is Of Him
Genuine confession and repentance results in righteousness (doing right (progressively being spiritually "born again (from above)" with the ever renewing of the mind (heart, soul) (Rom. 12:2; Titus 3:5), ever being changed into the image of the Son (Rom. 8:29; Col. 1:15, 3:9,10; 1Pt. 1:22,23); growing into maturity (2Pt. 1:5-7); speaking and doing according to God's Word (Jn. 1:9; Jms. 2:20-26), which is of Yehvah, which is His plan (Eph. 2:10), for His glory (1Jn. 15:8; 1Cor. 10:31; Rom. 4:2; Eph. 2:9; Hb. 4:10). This is caused by the cleansing baptism of the Holy Spirit (Mt. 3:11), and that same spirit that raised Christ from the dead (Rom. 8:9-13), which brings conviction to a truly retentive person's heart (mind, soul), and revelation of God's Word (Jn. 6:45; 14:26; 16:3; 1Cor. 2:10-16; 2Pt. 1: 20,21; 1Jn. 2:27; 3:24; 3:1-10; 2Cor. 13:5). Therefore, your righteousness is of Him (yehvah; Phil. 3:9), all to His credit and glory, for which we exist (1Cor. 2:24-31; Phil. 2:1-15). Obedience to the Law, His Word, was and is, essential to the fulfilling of God's plan for Himself and for us (Mt. 5:17; Rom. 8:4). It's obedience that activates "The Blessing" (Hb. 11:8; Gen. 13:2; 17:1-10; 22:15-18; 24:1; Gal. 3:9; Lk.11:28) , again, all to His Glory (Eccl. 12:13)

Covenant Promises
Deliverance of any kind, including everlasting life, comes in the form of a covenant promise from God. As all of God's promises and provisions, they have conditions attached (Gen. 6:13-22). All of God's laws, statutes and commandments (instructions) are covenant conditions and must be obeyed for the corresponding promise to be fulfilled (Gen. 17:9, 13,14). It is contractual. You must enter into agreement, repenting from doing opposite of the conditions required, desiring to meet and maintain those conditions until the promise is manifested (Mk. 4:17; 13:13), receiving the promise, not by works, but by faith in God's Word (Hb. 6:15); pisteuo; trusting in, relying on, adhering to), trusting that it is already accomplished the moment you asked (Mk. 11:24; 1Jn. 5:14,15), IF, you don't break covenant by doubting or choosing to stop meeting the conditions required (Lk. 13:3-5; Col. 1 :21-23; Jms. 1:6-8),enduring unto deliverance (Study Reference: Endure, endurance, steadfast, patience, overcome). IF, you doubt, make a mistake or make a bad choice that conflicts with what you are believing for, confession and repentance reconciles you back into covenant again. Just express to our Father, in Jesus name, your  sorrow and reaffirm your commitment to the conditions of the covenant promise you are believing for (Mk. 1:4; Lk. 24:47)

I Believe God
If God said it, believe it, that settles it! (2Tm. 3:16; 1Ths. 2:13; Hb. 6:18; Tit. 1:2). God tells us in the bible that; God IS love (1Jn. 4:8); The Word IS God (Jn. 1:1); therefore, Love IS the Word. It was given us, so that we might BE love (Eph. 3:8 - (11,17) 19). That IS our purpose (1Tm. 1:5; Col. 3:14; 1Pt. 1:22), fulfilled in "The Law", so that we should love God and one another (Mt. 22:37-40; Lk. 10:26,27; 1Jn. 3:11-24). When we obey God's Word, we are love, fulfilling "The Law" (Mt. 5:17,18; Rom. 8:4; 13:8; Gal. 5:13,14). But what IS love? Love is not a feeling (emotions; which is "the flesh"), but deeds, works, actions obedient to God's Word (Jms. 2:14-26; 1Cor. 13:4-13). God never told us to like anybody; but to love them (Lk. 6:27-35). We are to love by BEING love, being givers, providers (Mt. 25:31-46). That was, and IS, the plan of God from the beginning (Eph. 2:10)
. Ask God to cause you to BE love.

To Be As God
Jesus tells us that we "...are gods".
(Jn. 10:33-35; Ps. 82:3-6). The bible says that Jesus is the image of the Father, and that He only says and does what He heard and saw of the Father (Jn. 5:19; 8:28,29; 10:30). It also says, that we are to be transformed into the image of the Son (Rom. 8:29). God IS provider of all things (Yehvah-yireh: meaning; Yeh provides, or is provider). We saw that God IS love, and that love is not a feeling, but actions (Jn.10:17). And, we saw that the Word IS love. Therefore, we ARE love when we act on, obey God's Word (2Cor. 8:7-20). We become love, providers, therefore becoming LIKE God (Isra-el: meaning; To be, or rule, as God)

Givers Receive
Genuine, mature
(Eph. 4:11-15) Christians ARE love, providers, givers like God (Jn. 3:16). Givers put the interests of others above their own (1Cor. 13:5); and givers can expect to receive. When we give to the helpless and oppressed, we prove ourselves faithful with what God's given us, God causes us to increase (Lk. 6:38; 16:10-13; 2Cor. 6-9), by faith (Hb. 11:1). That is how the system is supposed to work. We are to provide for each others needs; first to believers (1Cor. 16:15; 2Cor. 8:4; 9:12), and then to the sinner (Mt. 9:13; Lk. 6:31-38; Rom. 5:8; 1Tm. 1:8,9; Gal. 5:13-21; Rev. 21:7,8,27) after shareing God's Word (Mat. 15:32; He taught them, three days, then met their need). When we do this, anything we ask in Jesus name, through the authority He regained, it WILL be done, "so that the Father is glorified in the Son" (Jn. 14:12-15; Mk. 11:22,23). That was, and still is, God's plan from "...the beginning". Everything we have is a gift from God. We are mere stewards, and therefore must be faithful, demonstrating that God can trust us with them to fulfill His will (1Cor. 4:2; Lk. 19:26; Prov. 28:20; 1Tm. 6:10; Mal. 3:7-12; that it might be a blessing to one another; to bless and be blessed (Gen. 12:2; 2Cor. 9:10-15; 3Jn.2)

All Sufficiency
For this purpose, and because He loves us, God wants and needs us blessed
 (Deut. 11:26-28; 2Cor. 9:8-11), prosperous (Ps. 35:27). That is why all of God's promises require obedience to His instructions, which result in blessings (Deut. 28: 1-14), prosperity in every way (3Jn2), loved. You cannot fulfill His desires, to be a blessing to others, sick and broke and loveless. That is why we are healed by His stripes (Is. 53:5). That is why He heals all our diseases (Ps. 103:3). That is why He gives us riches (Prov. 10:22). He wants us blessed like faithful (trustworthy) Abraham (Gal. 3:7-29). He made Abraham rich because God needed him to be, to do what he called Him to do; to do what He called him to do; to be a blessing (Gen. 12:1,2). When God calls you, He will provide (Gen. 22:8,13; Phil. 4:19; 2Cor. 9:8). When Abraham proved faithful (Gen. 22:8-12), demonstrated by deeds of faith (Hb. 11:8-10), God increased him more and more (Gen. 13:2; Mt. 25:14-30; 2Cor. 8:7-9; Deut. 8:18).

Matthew 6:33
When we put our focus on God's desires (Mt. 6:25-(33),34), He focuses on ours (Mk. 11:24; Ps. 37:4). So seek, pursue what God desires and needs from you, and His ways of speaking and doing, and He will pursue all your needs and desires. When you do this, ask whatever you desire according to His Word, and it will be done for you; all to the glory of God (Jms. 4:3; Jn. 14:12(13)-15; 15:1-(7)12; 1Jn. 5:14,15; Ps. 37:4; Eph. 3:20; Mt. 9:8; 15:31)

God was looking to create a creature that would, of their own free will, choose to put Him first in their lives, surrendering their self determination to Him, placing their entire trust and reliance upon Him by obeying His Word; to love and be loved, by blessing others and being blessed, all to His glory.

Summary Study:
1Cor. 13:1-14:1; 2Pt. 1:2-11; Gal. 6:7-10; 2Cor. 9:6-15.